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Bethy Bacon’s 
Chinese Piano-Poetry in Song 
Note: all poems, music and photography, 
“All Rights Reserved.”

Welcome to a new listening experience.  I have created a musical world that is both new and old, reflecting back to us some of the best of the Classic Ancient Chinese Poets: Li Bai, Du Fu; unknown female Taoist Poets; Ancient and Contemporary Buddhist Poets and my take on all of that too!

In  2006-07, I sold everything and moved to China, not knowing how long I was going to stay.  I’ll share some of these photos with you. You’ll hear a demo. of seven songs, each with the corresponding poetry and some DVDs of me performing pieces in various settings. 

Please see my Music Proposal for Chinese Poetry in Song Project  credits.  Enjoy, and please use headphones for optimal sound quality!

Welcome to my world!